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Curious About Your Family History?

Learn to Discover Your Own Family History in
5 Easy Lessons - For Free.

Learn to Discover Your Own Family History in 5 Easy Lessons - For Free.

Learn to Discover Your Own Family History (Genealogy) in

5 Simple Lessons

Get started on your own family history for free!

Lesson 1: Gathering Family Information

Gathering is all about writing down important information and collecting resources such as records, photos, stories, etc.

Lesson 2:

How to find your way around FamilySearch and how to create your family tree. 

Lesson 3:
Recording information into FamilySearch

How to search and find additional ancestors for your family tree from community and public records.

Lesson 4: Research Helps and Activities Menu

How to explore resources for delving deeper into your family history and making connections.

Lesson 5: Attaching Photos and Stories

How to give richer context to your family history by attaching photos and stories for future generations, and distant relatives to enjoy.

Simple to learn instructor taught lessons, online!

Via Zoom

Each class will be 50 minutes long with a 10 minute family-centered gospel message at the end.

At the beginning of each class, somebody will come prepared to share a story that they have about themselves or have learned about an ancestor

Search Historical Records To

Find Your Family's Stories

Learn to find your own family’s history through a rich repository of public records. Discover how to find family history work already compiled by your own distant relatives. 

Stories of your family history may already have been compiled by distant relatives waiting for you to discover. We’ll show you how to find them.

A free public service offered by: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Everyone interested in genealogy is welcome to attend.  The class is taught by volunteers using free online tools.  

Discover the joy found in uncovering your personal heritage, and coming to know the individuals that make up your family tree. We’ll show you how.

Get Started In Discovering

Your Own Family History


We help participants develop a basic understanding of how to research genealogical records and find more about their ancestors.

Expert Family History consultants from our church, with missionaries presenting a short family-centered gospel message at the end.

We welcome all faiths, backgrounds, and ages 18 and older. 13 to 18 years olds may attend with written consent from a legal guardian.

The five week course is conducted on an on-going basis and may be joined at anytime, though it is most beneficial to begin with Lesson #1. When you sign-up, expect an email providing additional detail on the access link, available class dates and a starter booklet.

You will need to use a computer or tablet with internet access capable of participating in a Zoom online session. We will be learning to use the on-line Family Tree application found on FamilySearch.org. This is a free tool provided to the public by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The FamilySearch (the largest genalogical organization in the world) database contains billions of historical records, and all the resources needed to get you started in Family History. 

Discover the Joy of Family History

We'll show you how in 5 simple lessons